17th july 1987

Its been long since I last updated my diary as my health had not been well recently, I'm afraid this might just be my last entry. But I've something proud to write today, I received the Asean Cultural and Communications Award today. I suppose this might be the last award that I'm going to receive in my life, even if I were to leave the world, I would be feeling proud, peacefully without any regrets as I've done my part,contributing achievements to make my country proud and lived meaningfully in my entire life.I could feel the strong sense of honour within me when i received this prize when I'm nearly 80.
15th June 1963

Today, I've been conferred the Sijil Kemuliaan (Certificate of Honour). Its was to recognise my contributions to the state, I felt real proud of myself as I had contributed something for this state that I'm living in, Singapore.
27th Oct 1964

After working for so many years, I had finally decided to retired from Cathay Keris Film Productions. I'm really thankful for all the people who had helped and motivated me during my years of working in there and now that I'm old, nearly 60, I've decided to stop working and enjoy life.
13 July 1961

This is the Children' day song which I had come out for all kids in Singapore, hopefully they would all grow up to be successful sensible adults who will make Singapore proud.
Semoga Bahagia

Sama-sama maju ke hadapan
Pandai cari pelajaran
Jaga diri dalam kesihatan
Serta sopan-santun dengan kawan-kawan
Dengan hati bersih serta suci
Sama-sama hormat dan berbudi
Jaga tingkah pemuda-pemudi
Adat dan budaya junjung tinggi
Capailah lekas cita-cita pemudi-pemuda
Supaya kita ada harga di mata dunia
Kalau kita lengah serta lupa
Hidup kita sia-sia
Jiwa besar sihat serta segar
Rajin dengan sabar tentu bahagia
Lemah lembut perangai pemudi
Cergas tangkas wataknya pemuda
Suka rela selalu berbakti
Sikap yang pembela dan berjasa
Capailah nama yang mulia pemudi-pemuda
Rajinlah supaya berjaya semoga bahagia

English translation

May You Achieve Happiness
Together we progress
Clever at seeking knowledge
Take care of your health
And be courteous to your friends
With a clean and pure heart
We respect and do good to each other
Watch your behaviour, oh youths
Respect and honour your customs and traditions
Quickly reach your goals, oh youths
So that we'll have our worth, in this world
If we are lazy and forgetful
Our lives are worthless
A big heart and a fresh mind
Hardworking and patience defintely brings success
Soft-spoken is the lady
Energetic and tenacious is the man
Charitable, always contributing
Having a righteous spirit and doing good
Attain a respectable position, oh youths
Be hardworking so that you will succeed, may you achieve happiness
3rd Dec, 1959

Today, Majulah Singapura was officially presented to the nation after some alteration on 11th November.

Mari kita rakyat Singapura
Sama-sama menuju bahagia
Cita-cita kita yang mulia
Berjaya SingapuraMarilah kita bersatu
Dengan semangat yang baru
Semua kita berseru
Majulah Singapura
Majulah Singapura

(English Translation)

Come, fellow Singaporeans
Let us progress towards happiness together
May our noble aspiration bringSingapore success
Come, let us unite
In a new spirit
Let our voices soar as one
Onward Singapore
Onward Singapore

I'm proud of myself as the national anthem of Singapore is written by me, alothough this might not be my homeland but I'm still great I have contribution to Singapore, a country I'm going to stay on in, as a musician.

Now, I'm planning to come out a song for Children's Day.
6th sep, 1958

I feel very proud and happy for myself today, as today was the commission of Majulah Singapur, my song was accepted and sung at the grand finale of the concert after the renovated Victoria Theatre. While the song was being sung I was feeling very happy as I had never thought of my song being accepted and being sang at such a grand event.

I think I've made a great achievement today.
3rd Sep, 1958.

I am composing a song for Singapore.Its a tough and important thing for me. Still working on it. Its has to be a song that reflects the unity of Singapore. I had to let the people living here know the importance of racial harmony as this island is a multi racial country. I want this song to be accepted and sing as a national anthem, with the values in the lyrics of this song, Singapore will strive with it.

Mari kita rakyat Singapura
Sama-sama menuju bahagia
Cita-cita kita yang mulia
Berjaya Singapura

I wrote it on the basis of two words '' majulah singapura '' which means '' onward singapore '' In English translation it means,

We, the people of Singapore
Together march towards happiness
Our noble aspiration
To make Singapore a success

This is all that I've come out with so far, I'm still trying my best to come out with a proper, complete song for Singapore.
4th june, 1952

After hearing much about Singapore I finally step into this island, feeling and seeing what I had heard of before. It was after my illness recovered and my friend encouraged me to step into Singapore to live my life off as a musician as I should not let my learning of flute, drums and guitar go to waste.
During these few days in Singapore I was exposed to many different types of music and I was glad I came to Singapore and coming into contact with so many different type of music.
1st of July, 1920

I have no idea why am I studying in this Dutch school, I've totally had no interest on studies.

But today I was happy that I attended school as I was introduced to how to play and make a flute, this was the first time I came into contact with musical instrument. I started to show interest in music.